Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teenage no more

Happy birthday to meeeeee=D It was actually my 20th birthday yesterday which means "byebye teenage life"so I've decided to celebrate it with my friends. We went to Big Flat Bread (BFB) but unfortunately or should I say fortunately, the moment we stepped in their store, the lights went off.HAHA. Though there's no electricity, our celebration went well.  We had a candle light dinner instead. Plus, I've got 20% discount because it's my birthday. Such a lucky girl, right? LOL. I had so much fun bonding with my best friends.

Look how big this pizza is. It actually looks bigger than me.HAHA. It has three flavors and they all taste really great. I'm not really a "pizza eater" but I was shocked how many slices I ate. First time.Yey! Also try to visit their stores, they have wide array of pizza selections. All having great tastes.:)

I call this picture a "birthday bang!". Stolen. I really hate to include this picture but I have to. HAHA. And this is the only picture that I can show you what I was wearing yesterday. I wanted to go for a casual cool look so I've decided to wear a crop top and high-waist shorts, and I added an oversized knee grazing cardigan in dark gray. What do you think?

Look how much my friends love me. They really are so sweet.

Comments are loved. =)


  1. nice place ..
    -blated happy birthday ♥


    1. Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by=D...

  2. Ay! SAYANG! wala ko ani. wa ko ka kaon pizza :(((( Dapat tsebs amg burger sd ta sa CASA HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D