Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello May!

Quick post~
Hi guys!!Am back! Finally it's May and I'm so excited for every event I'll be attending to. May is just a very busy month for each of us, right? Non-stop summer escapades, Travels, Alumni Homecomings, Birthdays and more. Plus, I'll be opening my 2nd branch of my small business hopefully this week. Yes, I am actually a business woman now. HAHA!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation. Take care guys! =D God bless!

I'll be posting new entries later today. Check out my posts!


  1. Tsebs nindot imong pic. Why wala ko kita ana sa FB? AHAHAHA

    1. Wla nko gpost tsebs=D pero naa na sa ako FB Page.hehehhe..