Thursday, May 2, 2013


Before packing for Cagayan de Oro, I have already decided to have a nautical-ish look on the 2nd day of our stay. I can't help loving these athletic shorts I got from WAGW coz' it feels so comfortable to move around with it =). Since I did not wear any necklace, the studded denim blazer did the thing. It made me look cool, polished yet simple.  just sooo perfect for malling, even perfect while under the scorching heat of summer!HAHA (or I just had nothing to wear)
This is my 8-year friend Zennefer who's fortunately also in Cagayan de Oro. She decided to go together with us, so we had so much time to hang out with each other.

I did not bring any heels so I had to wear my all-time favorite flats I got from MAGS Cebu. These flats are just so comfortable (sorry for repeating this word again and again, just can't find any word to describe how I feel.LOL) to wear and they fit almost all clothes I have in my closet. =) Good find.

While on our way back home, we dropped by at Mantianak Zoo in Misamis Oriental. The place was very relaxing and they have very welcoming staff which made our stay memorable.

Haha! And guess what? I have finally seen what real tigers look like. It was my first time seeing real ones in my whole life. I was so amazed by their size and their claws look really scary. Haha. I had so much fun by just looking at them.

Since I have to walk along those rocky and woody grounds they have, I made sure to put on my sneakers. I always trust these sneakers for a painless walk.=D 
So what do you think?

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Athletic Shorts WAGW, Sneakers keds, Silver flats MAGS

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