Monday, September 30, 2013

Cap it!

This is another blend-with-the-trend post aside from my "comic and stripes" and "black and white" outfit posts. I really don't know why but I'm very into trendy looks these days. Perhaps I just wanted to go with what's hot right Anyway, this is what I've worn on a Sunday afternoon in Ayala with my cousin.I am not really into wearing dresses but this dress was just so perfect for that day that I just have to wear it without even having second thoughts. Haha. Honestly, I get very conscious every time I wear a dress for no reason at all. Well, I guess,I hope I've worn it properly.

Actually, I did not really plan on buying this studded cap that day, and YES, I've wanted this cap since its day of arrival but when I saw it again, I just can't help myself but grab it, bring it to the cashier, take out my wallet and taaaada~ I bought it! And I'm broke again. HAHA
Everything looks so simple. But, with this cap on my head..ahw tres tres bien!(FYI! Had a basic french class a year ago) Hehe.Tell me, does this cap go very well with my dress?..I know it does. Cool chic huh!

Hope you guys like today's post! :)

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WAGW Skull Studded Baseball Cap
H&M Dress
MAGS Metallic Silver Flats
FOREVER21 Belt and Earrings
GORGEOUS Arm Candies

Friday, September 27, 2013

comic and stripes

Today's outfit post is a comic-inspired look with a little sporty aura. This is basically what I decided to wear on our International Bartending Conference three days ago. I thought of wearing something trendy so I don this Comic top from Vero Moda, wore a black and white stripes blazer for a more comic look. I wanted to give focus on my top so I just paired it with plain black pants plus white sneakers to achieve a sporty feeling.. What do you think?

I felt very happy that day coz' I received a lot of compliments. YEY! I guess it's this comic top that made the look very fashionable. Haha.

I really love how the folded neon sleeves of this blazer match my comic-top. :)

Hope you guys love today's outfit post! :)

VERO MODA Comic top
MAZE Stripes Blazer
WAGW Beaded Necklace
KEDS Sneakers
melcollection Love Customized Bracelet

Thursday, September 12, 2013

That Cherries Bag

 Opt for a "so me" outfit.. haha. So, this is what I wore on our T.G.I.F Bar tour in Ayala Center Cebu. I always wanted to keep my look simple every time I have school activities  because I want to move freely and comfortably. So,I grabbed this simple peplum top, pair it with jeans, put on my new lovely flats and I'm ready. But what's so special about this look is this Cherries Bag I got from What A Girl Wants a week ago. Looks lovely, isn't it? I find this bag very attractive because of the materials used and especially, the Cherries made the look very sweet and oh so girly. What do you think?.

I love how the bag, flats and my accessories complement my entire look. These are actually a few of my new grabs for this month. And I'm broke now-.-

I got these flats from Primadonna and there's no single doubt that these flats are indeed very fashionable and comfortable to wear. The design is definitely tres chic!

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LEVI's Jeans
WAGW Cherries Bag
forever21 Rings

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I go Black and White

On my friend's last day of stay in Cebu, I made sure that we will have enough time together. And by enough time, I mean more talk, more walk, eat and more fun together. Lol. I don't know why I love wearing black and white these days. Perhaps, it's because they are out-numbering my closet or this combo doesn't just go out of fashion.. Anyway, this is what I wore on that day.. I wanted to have that comfy and polished look so I decided to wear a white tank top and a black blazer and paired it with these stripes shorts and finished the look by adding accessories of the same color. What do you think?

Guys! Did you know that I got this bag for only 250.00? haha. I actually bought this in SM Dept.Store, Children's section..good find, isn't it? 

If you have observed, I don't really have much of those dramatic poses even in my previous posts. I really don't know how to do it. (sigh) Can anyone teach me how? I'd be very willing to learn. HAHA. I think I'm only good at smiling. I'm a happy kid. You know. lol.

My photographer of the day : Zennefer :)

AND! Together with my forever best friend ! Coffee. :)

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SM.GTW Red Head Blazer
SM Dept. Store Body Bag
forever21 Tank Top
forever21 Shorts
forever21 Necklace
forever21 Rings
melcollection Bracelet