Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mint and Lime (Shangri-la Cebu Day1)

Late again.-_-Buttttt! Here it is!:) hehe

This is actually my first time in Shang-ri La's Mactan Resort and Spa and I was really amazed how beautiful the place is. The landscapes, the ambiance, the people, the foods and the services are really awesome!!

So, here are some photos I took while on my early morning stroll around the area :)

Anyone who knows his name?? Ugh! I forgot to ask. Haha

Bumped into this church buddy of mine -Mike :)

Now, how do you guys like my summer outfit and its colors? Cool combo! Isn't it? This eye-catching combination is all over your favorite shopping stores and it definitely shouts "It's Summer Time!".

Guess who took my outfit photos! HAHAHAHA.Seriously, I didn't know my mom got a thing on this....She surely knows how to take my outfit shots right?. lol!

FOREVER21, Skirt

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Midnight in Paris (Graduation Ball)


 Gown details :) 

Laced beige heels from MAGS
So here is my total look for our graduation ball held at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu with a theme " Midnight In Paris" :)HOw do you like my look?

 The USC Training Hotel Chorale
 With my ever crazy girlfirends :* Stunning ladies!

 Lovely Patrice on her Lavender gown :)

 Block IV! My solid blockmates for four years :)Thanks for the company guys!
My beautiful babies!Ynna and Sid :) 

 I don't know if this guy is really tall or I'm just really short. Hahaha :)Squidy baby :D

Super duper surprised for the "BATCH BLOGGER" award I received. :) Thanks guys for choosing me :)

Skulls on my skirt

Hi Guys!!! I am back to blogging! Finally! haha. LOL. Forgive me for a very late blog post. I was really busy for my graduation requirements. Yes. You've read it right. Graduation! Yey!! Haha. Anyway, this is what I wore when we had our food trip to be featured on our school magazine.
Funny how much addicted I am to wearing black and white pieces. One can never go wrong with this combo. Right? Plus, this slouchy top paired with this skater skirt is such a comfort and it's very easy to move around especially when running errands.

That moment when you try to get that perfect was hard. Seriously hard.

Hope you like tonight's post :) XOXO! :* Laced Bandeau Belt
PARFOIS, Hand Bag, Skater Skirt, Flats