Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mint and Lime (Shangri-la Cebu Day1)

Late again.-_-Buttttt! Here it is!:) hehe

This is actually my first time in Shang-ri La's Mactan Resort and Spa and I was really amazed how beautiful the place is. The landscapes, the ambiance, the people, the foods and the services are really awesome!!

So, here are some photos I took while on my early morning stroll around the area :)

Anyone who knows his name?? Ugh! I forgot to ask. Haha

Bumped into this church buddy of mine -Mike :)

Now, how do you guys like my summer outfit and its colors? Cool combo! Isn't it? This eye-catching combination is all over your favorite shopping stores and it definitely shouts "It's Summer Time!".

Guess who took my outfit photos! HAHAHAHA.Seriously, I didn't know my mom got a thing on this....She surely knows how to take my outfit shots right?. lol!

FOREVER21, Skirt

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