Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 3 Siargao- Magpupungko

On our last day in Siargao, we went to Magpupungko where everyone seems to be in a big aquarium. It is a very amazing place to relax. Just so perfect for the whole family. :)

Sorry for the facial expression in this photo. I was just trying to be strong because I really hate it every time I feel something touching my feet.

Looks like he's really pushing that very huge stone. Nice capture :) credits to my sister Meg.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 2 Siargao-Island Hopping

I was so busy after our Siargao vacation that I didn't have the time to continually post about the whole trip.:)

So much for those colorful summer outfits I used to wear and switch for a dual black and white tone for an overall change.Hehe. I wanted to try a new look for summer so I decided to go with these prints-on-prints (black and white) combination. I wore a polka dot print bandeau bikini top paired with a high-waist black leather shorts plus of course a sheer cover up I got from my Mom's closet to hide my ever broad shoulders.LOL. What do you think?

My cute foot steps. (Both right foot)

Meet my handsome nephew Qodi and my nieces Ice and Summer.

This is a clear picture of how big our family is.Yay:)

Sorry I don't have that super ABS you're looking for. :p

Thursday, May 23, 2013

DAY 1 Siargao-Cloud9

Looking for another relaxing place to be for summer??? Siargao, it is! For our late summer escapade, we headed to Siargao-it is known for its gigantic waves and boasts its beautiful white beaches. Our first destination was Cloud9, a surfing destination for foreign and local professional surfers.Unfortunately, waves are not that huge at that time. Surfers said, September is the best month to visit cloud9. Also, competition happens during on the said month.

Look how relaxing the place is!!!This is an amaaaazing view I captured while walking on the long wooden bridge.

With me is my Mama, Papa, and my sister Vanessa.

Under the very hot weather in Siargao, sunnies, big tote, sunblock and a lightweight cover up are the most essentials.If you have observed in my older posts, you can eventually see what's common among them. Cover ups!!!Yes. I love wearing cover ups especially if I had no time to prepare.I just had put on a tank top and grab a cover up. That's easier for me. Hahah.Plus, I also have to hide my broad shoulders. I hate it! Urgh~For this trip I decided to go with a monochromatic outfit to look cool and simple..hehe. Not too much color for a change:) What do you think of my outfit?

Hype this look here

SM Accessories Sunnies, forever21 earings, WAGW shorts, escada tote


Who knows how it feels when you have so much in mind? When you wanted to buy something and you keep thinking about it all day, all night until your head starts to ache??HAHA. It's very annoying right? Well, there is what you call "FIRST THINGS FIRST".

These photos are actually just a few of all the stuff I've been dying to purchase. I have realized how important it is as a fashion enthusiast and a  blogger to invest so much on accessories, shoes, bags and more. It really is very frustrating, isn't it? When it comes to accessories, FOREVER21 is the best choice for me. They have everything every girl must have. Here are few from my wishlist for this year.:) Hope I can buy them all.:(