Friday, July 26, 2013

I love you like I love a mochi!

Oh ho! New addiction! These lovely Mochikos are so perfect for boosting up a lonely day:))) what do you think?HAHA

Nothing's more comfortable than wearing a simple white tee paired with a black pants and a denim button down for a cover up. Put on a black flats and you're done. COMFY!SIMPLE! :)

Each costs Php.70.00 and a box costs only Php.400.00 for 6 different flavors! Hurry up!LOL.

 Part of my checklist is eating Mochiko Ice Cream..hooray for me! I've tried them yesterday. I actually ate 4 flavors in Strawberry, Mango Yogurt, Blueberry, and Pocky Chocolate..hahah..they made me very happy.

This is my food-trip buddy Elaine! She loves to eat more than I do..haha

So good! Isn't it obvious?hehe

We also dropped by at the Ayala Terraces to listen to Cebuano songs in different genres. Many local bands came over to showcase their compositions. It was really great! Jjang! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

T'was my first time

I know it's a little late to blog this but I sooooooo wanted to share my experience last night.. Haha.

I did not have the time to take a photo of myself smiling or posing because the rain was so heavy. Thanks to Elaine for these stolen shots. Lol. I know black and white combination is one of the trendiest combinations for this year. So, I decided to try it out for a day to night "malling" and I guess it went well together with a royal blue bag.  What do you think??

I think everyone has tried these french macarons when they first came out. Pity me! It was  my first time yesterday. This is the reason why I really wanted to blog this out. HAHA. It's kinda expensive but it's worth it. The taste was really great. Hooray for me!:)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Laced and Studded

 Everyone!! I'm back! HAHA..Okay. Yesterday was my brother's wedding and I'm not part of the entourage so I need not to worry about what to wear. Thank God! So, since the motif is like a peachy rustic combination, I decided to wear a blush pink laced top which definitely looks so elegant and paired it with a chocolate brown studded skirt to balance and add some twist to the outfit. I also added a thin belt in blush pink to create a a little body figure plus a peach stiletto to contrast.What do you think of my outfit? 

I did not have the time to do something about my hair :( ...... so please excuse my messy hair. LOL!

Meet my ever loving parents! Don't they look so perfect together?

My sisters Vanessa and Meg.

My sister Meg took my photos , so in return, I also have to take her photos. Sigh*

 With my cousin Steven :)

How 'bout a bouquet of Ferrero?? 

Great capture of a grandma- grandson bonding :)

 Hype this look here!

Top BETTY, Skirt wagw, Belt, Earrings, Bracelet forever21, Heels PARISIAN