Sunday, July 21, 2013

T'was my first time

I know it's a little late to blog this but I sooooooo wanted to share my experience last night.. Haha.

I did not have the time to take a photo of myself smiling or posing because the rain was so heavy. Thanks to Elaine for these stolen shots. Lol. I know black and white combination is one of the trendiest combinations for this year. So, I decided to try it out for a day to night "malling" and I guess it went well together with a royal blue bag.  What do you think??

I think everyone has tried these french macarons when they first came out. Pity me! It was  my first time yesterday. This is the reason why I really wanted to blog this out. HAHA. It's kinda expensive but it's worth it. The taste was really great. Hooray for me!:)

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