Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Midnight in Paris (Graduation Ball)


 Gown details :) 

Laced beige heels from MAGS
So here is my total look for our graduation ball held at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu with a theme " Midnight In Paris" :)HOw do you like my look?

 The USC Training Hotel Chorale
 With my ever crazy girlfirends :* Stunning ladies!

 Lovely Patrice on her Lavender gown :)

 Block IV! My solid blockmates for four years :)Thanks for the company guys!
My beautiful babies!Ynna and Sid :) 

 I don't know if this guy is really tall or I'm just really short. Hahaha :)Squidy baby :D

Super duper surprised for the "BATCH BLOGGER" award I received. :) Thanks guys for choosing me :)

Skulls on my skirt

Hi Guys!!! I am back to blogging! Finally! haha. LOL. Forgive me for a very late blog post. I was really busy for my graduation requirements. Yes. You've read it right. Graduation! Yey!! Haha. Anyway, this is what I wore when we had our food trip to be featured on our school magazine.
Funny how much addicted I am to wearing black and white pieces. One can never go wrong with this combo. Right? Plus, this slouchy top paired with this skater skirt is such a comfort and it's very easy to move around especially when running errands.

That moment when you try to get that perfect twirl....Hahaha..it was hard. Seriously hard.

Hope you like tonight's post :) XOXO! :*

http://www.shopwagw.com/ Laced Bandeau
http://www.shopwagw.com/ Belt
https://www.facebook.com/komfortzone, Skater Skirt
http://tutumshop.com/, Flats

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's My Style

"Be experimental but always have a 'home base' and stick with your comfort style-Taylor Swift". I know everyone would agree to this.There is this something with personal style that makes you feel confident. Right? Other people sometimes would take the risk of comfort to be more fashionable,I mean there's nothing wrong trying out new styles but, it is important that we make sure we're comfortable with them on..Well, "Lazy Days" outfits are a total comfort style. Yes? HAHA. For my part, I always make sure that I'm wearing pieces with the perfect fit/ flow and comfy footwear. I've grown up wearing rubber shoes,short shorts and a cozy top, these are perfect comfort for me. (A lil' changes though when I reached high school)LOL:)How bout' you?

I always find comfort with a sporty outfit on me. HAHAHA. Plus! They make me feel like one of the guys.

How do you like my sporty look?

PARFOIS, Handbag
KEDS, Sneakers
UKAY, Racer Back top and Cardigan