Monday, September 30, 2013

Cap it!

This is another blend-with-the-trend post aside from my "comic and stripes" and "black and white" outfit posts. I really don't know why but I'm very into trendy looks these days. Perhaps I just wanted to go with what's hot right Anyway, this is what I've worn on a Sunday afternoon in Ayala with my cousin.I am not really into wearing dresses but this dress was just so perfect for that day that I just have to wear it without even having second thoughts. Haha. Honestly, I get very conscious every time I wear a dress for no reason at all. Well, I guess,I hope I've worn it properly.

Actually, I did not really plan on buying this studded cap that day, and YES, I've wanted this cap since its day of arrival but when I saw it again, I just can't help myself but grab it, bring it to the cashier, take out my wallet and taaaada~ I bought it! And I'm broke again. HAHA
Everything looks so simple. But, with this cap on my head..ahw tres tres bien!(FYI! Had a basic french class a year ago) Hehe.Tell me, does this cap go very well with my dress?..I know it does. Cool chic huh!

Hope you guys like today's post! :)

HYPE this look here

WAGW Skull Studded Baseball Cap
H&M Dress
MAGS Metallic Silver Flats
FOREVER21 Belt and Earrings
GORGEOUS Arm Candies

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