Sunday, October 20, 2013


I'm finally home! :)  I'll be in my hometown for "IDK" how many days. Lol. I'm just waiting for my internship interview and I'll fly back to Cebu as soon as I get a call from any establishment I applied for. Crossed fingers*. Haha. Anywaaaays,I'm not being defensive but I guess I owe you an explanation for this dirty background. It's my sister's fault. HAHA. She didn't go to the airport together with the driver so we just took the photos here without thinking how everything will turn out.Sooo, let's talk about what I'm wearing. This is what I decided to wear when I flew back here in my hometown. I always want to be comfortable every time I travel so I make sure to wear lightweight pieces. I love wearing tank top, button down as a cover-up and pair it with jeggings or another option would be a loose trouser instead of jeans. I find it easier to move around with these on. And of course with a maxi dress on too! :)

Happy to wear these new babies I got from Tutum Shop :)Trust me. Their footwears are just so comfortable and their designs are really fashionable.
Just a simple tip! Always wear a footwear that's easy to remove and accessories that won't ring the alarm when travelling. Hehe

LEE Denim Buttondown
forever21 Tank Top
forever21 Rings
WAGWOnline Belt
tutumshop Flats
parfois Bag
melcollection Beaded Hope Bracelet

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