Monday, August 26, 2013

Floral Pastels

A few days ago, my Mom came to Cebu for a 5-day vacation and when she say vacation, it means she'll go shopping. Of course I have to accompany her which then means, I'll also be shopping some for myself. Haha.Yey!! Anyway, I've been very eager to buy printed clothes, especially printed pants, but sizes and colors always hinder me from buying them. Luckily! I found these floral printed pastel blue pants while passing SM GTW. And choooook! I grabbed it!haha. I didn't even fit it because we're in a hurry so I just got the small size hoping it would fit me. Well, it definitely fits me.

I'm not really a fan of pastel colors when it comes to clothes but when I saw these pants, I already had in mind what is best to pair with it and that it's time for me to invest numbers of them .Haha. Since we have a bipolar weather these days, I decided to wear something that's light and comfortable. Well, light pieces are always comfortable.Haha.This laced top is just so perfect that it made the outfit very chic. Plus,I put on my silver flats and wore minimal accessories of the same color to balance out the look. What do you think.?

I think side poses would be my signature pose.. hahah. What do you think??

Before riding back to the City, we saw this store selling handmade souvenirs. So, we dropped by and bought some. I bought three for myself :) hehe.

Hype this look here!

 SM GTW TRUE LOVE Floral pants
MEMO Nude Tube
FOREVER21 Earrings,Rings and belt
WHAT A GIRL WANTS Beaded necklace as a bracelet
MAGS Silver Flats

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