Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's throwback time! Haha. This was my very first Lookbook post some time last year. I haven't started blogging at that time yet. Honestly,before, I didn't really plan of becoming a blogger because I thought it would take so much time and effort and it would be difficult to do both studying and blogging. Well, that was what I thought before but NOT anymore! However, I'm still honing my skills in blogging.haha

These are actually taken on a Saturday afternoon before going to a family friend's house for a dinner get-together. I wanted to wear something that is  comfortable and would able me to move freely so I decided to go casual.What do you think?

Didn't even put on so many accessories. Such a NEWBIE!lol.
Hype this look here!

MOMS Top, FOREVER21 Silver Necklace, TAIWAN Skirt, CHELSEA Wedge, PARISIAN Bag

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