Sunday, April 14, 2013

To the SOUTH

Last month,before ending the semester, our humanities class headed to southern Cebu to visit old churches. It wasn't my first time in south Cebu though but it was my first time visiting historical sites there. The architectural structure of their churches is  really great. It is far different from those City Churches.  Each has its own style which makes it unique from others.

The above photos are Ceiling works of different churches. They're simply amazing! Right?
And what makes them so amazing is that they make the inside of the church longer than it seems when you look at it from the outside.

Our last stop was Boljoon, Cebu. The town's people in Boljoon are using a different dialect so I did not bother to talk to them, my apology. Instead, I took pictures with my friends and also took advantage of gorgeous Boljoon. 

There is no doubt that Cebu, Philippines really have nice beaches. Most foreign tourists, especially Koreans would come to Cebu during summer not only because of Dried Mangoes but also because of the long stretch of beautiful white sand beaches.

Meet my crazy friends. How crazy? Well, their level of craziness is 99% while mine is just 75%. haha! They are actually just faking their laughs for this photo,but they end up laughing so hard coz' they've realized how insane they are doing such thing. LOL! We usually do the fake-laugh to make our faces look so happy in the picture when we are actually not. Haha. Well, it really works anyway. Try it!

Since we are to visit churches, I've decided to look a little bit formal so I wore this floral dress paired with light blue blazer and a suede loafers  from CMG. I knew ahead that we will drop by some beaches there so I made sure to be very colorful: dress, shoes, armies, belt, earrings, everything!  Just so you know,  I love wearing colorful materials when I go beach hopping. HAHA=)

So what do you think?

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  1. Ohhhh my G! HAHAHAHAHA ang taba ko dito. hanggang ngayon, ang TABA pa din hahaahhaha