Friday, April 12, 2013

Summer Heat

It's me again! I'll be posting more often because I had so much for you guys. LOL!:)

Honestly, I have already posted some of the photos on my Facebook account camille.duenas before I started blogging. But because these armies look so pretty for me,  I  have to post them here again. HAHAHA. Anyway, I got these armies from melcollection before I came to my hometown for summer vacation.

Since we are all feeling the summer, to have colorful armies is a big "YES-YES" (opposite of NO/ Aren't they so lovely? They just fit so well with my little hands.HAHA

 I know Summer escapades wouldn't be perfect without sunnies. Agree? I know you will..We all have to protect our eyes from the heat of the sun. If there is one thing I'd so much love to purchase for summer, it would be sunnies. I got this from Forever21 a year ago and guess what??this is the first and the only sunnies I have. T_T Sigh..... Pity me.
And for those who are fond of going out under the heat of the sun without umbrellas at all and those who are having an oily face when exposed to so much heat like me, I tell you guys, this foundation from thefaceshop is perfect for you.:)I've been using this for a month now and I love how it suits my skin. Well I think it suits all skin types,.. Yes it does: D

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