Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sinulog'14 Photo Diary

2014 is just another year for me!Can you tell how happy I am? such a lucky girl! :D 
With Ms. Kryz Uy and Ms. Camille Co :D

OMG!!I just can't believe that I finally met three of my favorite top fashion bloggers and even took a picture with them!!.HAHA.I've also seen Ms. Raiza Poquiz but I failed to take a picture with her coz' she was so busy talking to someone -.-

It's Ms. Kryz Uy in front of me again!! :)So pretty!I wonder if she recognized the blazer I'm wearing. It's from WAGW! haha
Ms. Laureen Uy! :)

Hope you like today's post! :)

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