Saturday, February 1, 2014


There's always this time of the year when you have to pull out your sweaters, pull overs, coats and jackets to keep yourself warm. Since Philippines is a tropical country, I always make sure to keep good jackets for the rainy seasons and light pieces for dry seasons. However, we are experiencing a very weird climate change these days and that makes us wear something that would go for both seasons. :) Anyways, so much of that and let's talk about my look for today's post.
Camo looks made a very big show for 2013. Anything Camo is on trend last year; LOOKBOOK, PINTEREST, CHICTOPIA and other fashion sites are flooding with Camo look-posts. I can't blame any of them at all! The look is so easy to achieve and it's very comfortable and easy to pull-off, right? 
I got really wet after taking these photos. It was raining so hard but..but..I just wanna do it! HAHA

 I always adore a girl that wears camo in a cool manly look. HAHA. I can't wear it that way. I just wanna wear it my way------the chic/ feminine way :)
What do you think of my Camo look? :)

Guys! Meet Tzam :) She's a very close friend of mine and she's actually the one who took photos of me on my previous post :)

GUESS, Tornado Pants
TUTUM SHOP, Beige flats
SHOP WAGW, Bracelets

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