Thursday, January 2, 2014

Feelin' Blue

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you'll have a prosperous 2014 :) HAHAHA. I'm so happy that I got something to post for the New Year despite my very busy schedule helping out our business...:D Well, blogging needs enough time in the first place.

Anyways, this is what I wore for tonight's dinner with my family. It's a rainy day and I feel to look cozy and get away from tight clothes so I opted for a loose basic top and  trousers. I love the whole look because it feels so relaxing and I can just move easily, Plus these blue trousers are just soooooo eye catching! (fav color, of course) Take this simple tip , if you are petite or you want to hide your big thighs and legs like me, trousers should be one of your staples. It helps petite girls look a little bigger and it hides your big thighs and big legs too. So, how do you like my look?  

I like how these armies match my trousers and flats.

Meg and I wore our tutum sandals. Is it obvious how much we love tutumshop?
Visit and order from their site so you can get free shipping :P 

 This is my mama dear :) They say I look like her. Seriously?? Ok, so I'm not gonna deny it anymore.. I just have to agree with what they say.. HAHAHA..

 With my Mama, my sister Meg and Vanessa

With my brother Paulo, My mama, my younger brother Pocholo and my Papa.

I know some of you are familiar with the background because I had the same background for my previous posts. I always go to the mall to meet my friends, and that's the only time I can take outfit photos. Am sareeh for that :)

Hope you guys enjoy today's post :P Happy New Year!

LAB1, Top
FOREVER21, Trousers
FOREVER21, Leopard Necklace
tutumshop, Sandals
shopwagw, Arm Candies

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